Artwork at The Loop

Artist: Multiple Artists

Material Used: Various Materials

Location: Rudee Loop

According to Wikipedia, “Placemaking is a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. Placemaking capitalizes on a local community’s assets, inspiration, and potential, with the intention of creating public spaces that promote people’s health, happiness, and well-being.” Placemaking gives the potential for art in the community to act as an economic anchor. When we work to redevelop places, we invest in design to enhance the experience, but it can also create jobs for people in the neighborhood.

Examples of successful placemaking are all around us. For example, the heart of the Rudee Loop was transformed from an unsightly slab, from a hotel that no longer exists, to a community space that features landscaping in grassy areas perfect for picnics, access for food trucks, a multi-purpose game court and four public art installations, which you can learn more about, below.

Images are in the order of their descriptions, below.

“Seashore Cathedral” by Giuseppe Percivati aka Pepe Gaka, is a series of murals that utilize a geometric style, giving the impression of stained glass. Each column features detailed vignettes that represent different aspects of the area that make Virginia Beach unique. We are proud to announce that Americans for the Arts Public Art Network (PAN) Year in Review recognized “Seashore Cathedral” as one of the 50 most compelling public artworks from across the country and beyond. Check out this video highlighting "Seashore Cathedral!"

“World Below the Brine” by Work Program Architects (WPA) in partnership with Piece of Cake Productions and Rhiza A+D of Portland, Oregon is inspired from the vivid Walt Whitman poem of the same name. This interactive piece simulates the ever-changing landscape above and below the water’s surface. The canopy captures wind and sunlight, and translates both into a captivating “play of light through the water.” At night, the lighting is designed to respond to movements. Check out this video from the unveiling of "World Below the Brine!"

“Prismatic Play” by Aimee Bruce is the whimsical wall mural depicting crowds of octopuses enjoying beach activities. Aimee Bruce is the artist behind Princess Anne Recreation Center’s new mural, and the colorful stairway mural at Mount Trashmore, “Helping Hands,” all awarded through an online public vote. Check out this video highlighting the installation of "Prismatic Play!"

“Peace Doves” by Sean Coffey and John Muldoon is the new mural on the inner walls of The Loop. After hearing of the May 31 tragedy, Coffey and Muldoon reached out to the City of Virginia Beach offering to donate their mural. “Peace Doves,” a play on origami birds and shadows, was created to show that communities can overcome anything if they work together, and to remind us all that there is light at the end of even the darkest tunnels.

The Loop is also home to an interactive, multi-sport court, located at the heart of the area! The court is set up for basketball, street hockey, tennis, hopscotch and shuffleboard, so make sure to bring your friends and family out to the loop and play to your heart's content!