Bob Mervis Memorial

Artist: Linda Gissen

Material Used: Copper, Bronze

Location: 27th Street & the Boardwalk

​​This copper and bronze grinning sun on 27th Street at the Oceanfront was dedicated to Sunny Day Guide co-founder Bob Mervis. Mervis died unexpectedly in 1998 after more than 30 years of capturing the essence of Virginia Beach on the glossy pages of his Sunny Day Guide. Mervis shot aerial photographs of the beach from a helicopter in the early mornings, wrote ad copy by day, and capped off his nights snapping pictures at local bars and clubs.

After Mervis' death, his wife, Debbie, and friends wanted to honor his contribution to Virginia Beach tourism with this memorial. Award-winning artist Linda Gissen was commissioned to complete the statue.

About the Artist

​​Artist Linda Gissen creates ornamental and functional art works of metal, glass, enamel, and watercolor. Gissen is inspired by her Jewish heritage and her studies of ethnic art and indigenous cultures of over 40 countries. Her works are animated with spirit -sometimes a spirit of awe and reverence, sometimes of wry playfulness. Gissen’s works reside in museums and in corporate, liturgical and private collections nationwide.

As an award winning artist, Gissen has presented numerous workshops and lectures, including: the Muscarelle Museum, Williamsburg, VA; Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA; Bloomingdales, NJ & NY. She has taught artist-in-residence programs and served as an independent consultant, curator, juror, and judge in fields of art, fine crafts, and Judaica.