Law Enforcement Memorial

Artist: Paul DiPasquale

Material Used: Bronze

Location: 35th Street

​​Designed by Paul DiPasquale, the widely acclaimed sculptor who created Virginia Beach's iconic statue of King Neptune, the Law Enforcement Memorial was dedicated June 23, 2012.

The memorial features three bronze officers representing the Virginia Beach Police Department, the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office and the state and federal agencies that protect the citizens of Virginia Beach and visitors to our city. The officers have interlocking hands, symbolizing their support for one another as their other hand reaches out to citizens below, extending help to the community. The interlocking hands are lit from below with a soft blue light. Names of the fallen officers are inscribed on the granite base of the memorial.

The memorial is located in a plaza at the end of 35th Street in a setting designed to allow for quiet reflection on the sacrifices made by the members of our law enforcement who have died in the line of duty. Individual plaques provide details of each officer's death during the month in which the officer died.

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About the Artist

​​Artist Paul DiPasquale has created numerous permanent public installations, including the bronze statue of Arthur Ashe on Richmond's famous Monument Avenue and King Neptune at the Oceanfront in Virginia Beach. His work has been exhibited in the United States and Europe and he has earned recognition in major print and media for his insightful creations. DiPasquale continues to live and work in Richmond, Virginia.