Trio of Herons

Artist: David Turner

Material Used: Bronze

Location: Town Center Fountain Plaza

​​The Trio of Herons Fountain located at the Town Center Fountain Plaza was created by artist David Turner in 2007. Three bronze herons support each other back to back atop a water feature.

About the Artist

​​David H. Turner is known for his exquisite nature-themed bronze works that reflect his deep understanding and appreciation for wildlife. Turner resides on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, where he creates his works of art with his father, William H. Turner, and more than 20 skilled artisans. Turner uses the lost-wax method of bronze casting. His Eastern Shore property includes a foundry, wood shop, metal shops, wax shop, and a 4,000 square foot gallery that features his and other nature artists' works. Several of Turner's other commissioned works are on display in Virginia Beach, including the River Otters and the Lookdown Fish at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center.