Woodstock Skate Park Murals

Artist: Brendan Tierney

Location: Woodstock Skate Park

In April 2021, the City of Virginia Beach Cultural Affairs Department put out a call to artists to create skate culture-themed murals for the Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation Department's brand new Woodstock Skate Park, which opened to the public on June 16, 2021.

Virginia Beach-based artist Brendan Tierney was selected to create the murals. Tierney, a lifelong skateboarder himself, created four mural panels located at the entrance to the skate park. The murals depict fun, colorful and skate-centric scenes that also highlight beach culture. Be on the lookout for a narwhal, skateboard ramp made of cheese and more!

CLICK HERE for a behind the scenes look at the murals, skate park and artist!

Artist Statement

"My name is Brendan Tierney. I am an artist and mural painter who has been living in Virginia Beach for the past several years. Painting dynamic, vibrant large-scale public murals is my greatest passion. This particular project is of extreme interest for me as I have been a lifelong skateboarder since the age of five, and have an immense love of skateboarding art and culture. Since my artistic beginnings painting murals and graffiti in San Francisco during the mid-nineties, my work has been forged in skateboarding’ s unique aesthetic."

Learn more at https://www.pbtierney.com/.